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Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl - Print Comic


Emmy is a vampire, but she’s past all that brooding, Anne Rice stuff. She just wants to kick back, watch Netflix, and eat some bloody cheese fries. Annabelle is the new trash collector on the block… tall, strong, and with shoulders to die for. They meet over a garbage bag of the aforementioned cheese fries, and the rest is history.


Or is it?


Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl—created by Pat Shand and Roberta Ingranata (Robyn Hood, “Anonymously Yours” in Dates Anthology, Vol. 1)—is 22 black-and-white pages of gorgeous art, snappy banter, and heartwarming story in a saddle-stitched booklet, complete with full color front and back covers.


This purchase also includes the PDF, but we're still working on integrating automatic file access into the storefront. For now, feel free to send an email to after any physical book purchase, and we'll get you sorted! 

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